Monday, February 26, 2007


Good evenin' y'all! (Have you noticed how i like to say that?)
Wow! Since Friday we've gotten a lot of snow! I love it! It makes me feel all cozy and makes me want to stay inside and cuddle up with a blanket on the couch, watching the snow fall! :)
Saturday was my mom's birthday so we had Katie and her man (a.k.a my brother) over. :)
And then Sunday church was canceled so we had to stay home *sigh*. That evening Katie and C came over and helped Ana and E make a snow fort. I took the pictures. :) After that we got to have snow ice cream and popcorn and all that good stuff! So here are a couple pictures from that evening. And if you wish to see more about what happened on my mom's birthday you can just go to Katie's blog and she's got some pictures of it, or if you want to see about the snow fort Ana has some pictures as well.

<---This is my footprint in the snow.

<---The zipper to my coat.

<---This is the snowblower with C's coat on it. I thought it looked cool. :)

<---Our lamp, but i like it because of the icicle.

<---Our lamp. :)

<---Our snow-covered bench.

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Katya said...

These are fun pictures, Leah. :) We had such a good time together on Saturday and Sunday evening, didn't we?! Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Love, Katie