Thursday, October 30, 2008

*First Snowfall*

The snow is falling, the wind blowing fiercely, the trees swaying.
Leaves rustling, the windchill cold enough to freeze your bone marrow.
Snow beginning to stick to the naked trees

Christmas guitar playing softly in the background
The main dinning room light is off, a bowl of lights in the corner,
the glow of the afternoon light coming through the window
Carrots, potatoes, broccoli, beans and stuffing in a warm pan,
remains of sweet bread and creamy coleslaw on our plates,
a small candle burning in the middle of the table,
a blueberry scent rising lazily from it
sounds of the water from the tea pot dripping in the kitchen,
the thoughts of tea arouses the senses
sounds of the wind searching for something
Mark 7 being read by Dad
a long brown skirt fit snugly around the legs,
a rosy colored sweater keeping me in the perfect state of warmness
brown knee high socks to keep the toes from freezing
talk of a corn stove, popcorn, afternoon football, tea and upcoming weather
the gentle thud of the Bible being closed
a sigh and a push off of the wooden chair
and we're off to wash the dinner dishes

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Ana said...

This was very, very cool to read. Nicely put!