Friday, June 29, 2007

...2nd-hand shopping...

Hello! Today my sister and I went to the second hand store. Its been a while since I've been there so we decided we should go. Here are the items that I got.

<---A tablecloth with little teacups in the corners.

<---Hair straightener. Its the first one I've ever had and hopefully it works, but if it doesn't thats all right because it was only a $1.

<---Jean jacket/shirt.

A Little soap dish. I absolutely love this thing!!!

<---Thank You cards.

<--- 2 ½ yards of fabric! Hmm... future apron? :)

<---A skirt that I'm going to try and find some material to sew on the the bottom to make it longer. If I can't use it Ana's more then willing to take it from me. :)

<---The cutest little buttons I've ever seen!!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Hello everybody!! Today is my birthday! Wahoo!! Today we didn't do to much I guess. My dad had a pastors fellowship that we went to this morning. After that we got to go to my favorite book store!!! I didn't buy any books but I love to just go and look at the books!! Then we got to go out to eat. So here are some pictures of how my day went.

<---My Chocolate cake I made from scratch. It didn't cook all the way...and we didn't figure that out until after it cooled! haha.

<---The frosting! Chocolate pudding and whipped cream!

<---My birthday cake.

<--- My birthday presents. The purse I bought, the puzzle, body wash, shea body butter, and towel my family bought me, and the little pink notepad I bought.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

-A Prayer of Adoration-

A Prayer of Adoration

Oh, the depth of the riches both of Your wisdom and knowledge, O God! How unsearchable are Your judgments and Your ways are past finding out. Your greatness cannot be imagined. You are greater than all language, and no words can express your majesty. You are above all, outside of all, and beyond all I can even imagine. You are without limits. When I speak of You I cannot refer to amount or seize or weight, for You are beyond measure. You are not less or more, large or small. You are simply God, the infinite One. A human mind has no capacity to comprehend You. What I can do is praise, adore, and worship You.

-Robert Savage,
Loving God With All You Mind pg. 281-

Friday, June 15, 2007

☼ Summer Times ☼

Well this summer is absolutely wonderful! It's been really warm and kinda windy lately. I've been babysitting/being a nanny for a lady that works with my brother C. It's been alot of fun! But I haven't had much time to post or anything. I've had a lot of softball games. But what would summer be without softball games? Well, I got a new blue beach bag for when I take the kids to the pool. It holds a TON of stuff! It's amazing!! Plus the bag that I used to take their house to put my things in ripped down the side. But what can you do? It was a plastic bag. *smiles* I absolutely love it! Thanks Dad and Mom!! And I also got a blue notebook to put my hours in for Mrs. M. And LOTS of sunscreen!!! I already kinda got a sunburn. But then again what would summer be without sunburns, sunscreen and softball? :)

<--- MY BAG!! I ♥ it!

<---Anti-Sunburns!! Oh yea!! :)

(L) The front of my notebook.
(R) The back of it.

Mirror, Mirror......Making

Hello! I'm finally going to post about my mirror that my dad made me. I've just been so busy with babysitting and games that I haven't had a chance to post! Thanks for waiting! So, here are some pictures of the mirror making. My dad made us girls( Mom, Ana, Katie and me) standing mirrors for Christmas and I finally got around to doing something with it. So I'll explain what each one is.

<--- The stain that we used to obviously... stain my mirror. Its a REALLY pretty color. Sorry it's a little blurry.

<---My mirror.

<---My Dad spraying the first coat of white paint.

<---My mirror after it got the last coat of white paint. The mirror it self is off balance... IF you couldn't tell :)... So it actually balances itself out like that.

<---My mirror finished. (If you click on it you might be able to see where I sanded it down so you could see the grain through the white.

<---The grain and paint up close.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

-Plate from Grandma-

Yesterday we went to my Grandma's house to help her out with somethings around the house. She gave me this plate to go with my room. I absolutely LOVE IT!! Thanks Grandma!

An Acceptance

"Oh, the depth of the riches
both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
How unsearchable are His judgments and
His ways past finding out!"

Romans 11:33

"Through the years, God has used the lessons that Romans 11:33 teaches about Him to help me live out each day for Him with an acceptance of His dealings in my life. This single verse has taught me how to accept the unacceptable. The following principles, drawn from the application of this single verse, give me lens through which to look at everything that happens to me. I offer them to you as well.

1. I don't have to understand everything--What freedom this acceptance brings! Imagine, no more digging or dogged determination to get to the bottom of an issue.

2. I don't need to understand everything--What release this attitude brings! Why? Because it's an attitude that acknowledges that God is in control.

3. I can't understand everything--I am finite and limited, but God--who knows all and understands all-- is infinite and limitless.

4. Why ask "Why?"-- The man Job in the Old Testament never asked why when he was suffering. He worshiped instead. Notice very carefully what carried Job through his ordeal. Unlike the stance of the stoic (grin and bear it...or at least, grit your teeth and endure it), Job grabbed on to facts about God. Facts like-- God is...

... too kind to do anything cruel,
...too wise to make a mistake,
...too deep to explain Himself.

Believing these facts about God should erase all why's. We are to stop asking Why? and start looking at Who stands behind the scene. It is God in His absolute sovereignty! This calls us to worship.

5. It's O.K.-- When we can say this to God about our unexplainable and seemingly unacceptable situations, we experience the rest of faith and the peace of faith.

6. Let it go--Pry your grip off your problem, and let it be gone forever. Oh, the freedom you will experience, even without any change, when you accept the unacceptable.

7. Let God be God-- And what is He? Un-understandable, unsearchable, inscrutable, inexhaustible, unfathomable, and impossible to grasp.

8. Let go of your right to know-- Stop demanding answers from God. Cease saying to God, "I'm not getting up from prayer until You tell me or show me why this is happening!"

9. These are God's judgments--Whatever has happened to you, it is a part of God's judgments...and they are "unsearchable." You will never understand or know why, so you must accept the unacceptable.

10. These are God's ways--Again note the emphasis on God. Whatever has happened to you, it has to do with His ways, and they are "past finding out!" Again, you will never understand or find out, so you must accept the unacceptable.

11. No vengeance!-- (And please note, that's spelled n-o, not k-n-o-w!) God is the Author and Creator of your situation. He has a plan and a blueprint for your life that includes your situation and any people involved. God says to you, "Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, 'VENGEANCE, IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord" (Romans 12:19)

12. It's not them, it's Him!-- One person does not have the power to limit, alter, or change your life. People are only God's instrument, and He uses them to conform you to the image of His dear Son.

-Elizabeth George, Loving God With All Your Mind, pg. 277-280-

Thursday, June 7, 2007



"Wake up," the robins warble,
"The summer times" is here,
The month of blushing roses,
The darling of the year.

Wake up, you lazy dreamers!
The summer's waiting you,
The days are long and golden;
The skies are tender blue.

The earth is full of gladness,
Of light and song and bloom,
Join in the summer brightness,
Nor ever think of gloom.

Make hast, June-days to welcome,
For summer-time will fleet
As swift as flying shadows
Across the ripened wheat.

And, when the autumn breezes
Sigh through September's leaves,
And all the sloping hillsides
Wave rows to tasseled sheaves.

The birds that follow summer
Will seek a southern sky,
The sweetness of her blossoms
Will, all forgotten, die.

And summer to her lover
Will yield her weary charms,
Wing peacefully to slumber,
And die in autumn's arms.

Come, then, ye lazy dreamers,
Come forth to light and love,
Te earth is wreathed with garlands,
The skies are blue above,

The birds their love songs carol
'Mid golden summer blooms;
The breezes whisper softly
In twilight's opal glooms;

All glad things bid you welcome
While last the summer hours.
Who wishes more than June-time,
with song and light and flowers.

-Lucy Maud Montgomery-

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

-Thursday Girl Fun-

Hello. Wow! It's been a while since I posted last. Well here is an update on the things that I've been doing since the last time that I posted. Thursday, 5-31-07, my sister Ana and I went over to Katie's house for a girl day. It was so much fun!! We went and sat out on her patio and then eventually moved onto the lawn with a blanket to lay on because of the heat. But it was a wonderful time! A little while later in the afternoon Our little friends came and Katie babysat them. After C got off of work we had supper and we rented a movie and had root beer floats.

(L) Iced Tea

Katie's Hat (R)

<---Girl Fun! (With stamps.) :)

<---The book I was reading. Pippi Longstocking.

<---Katie's stamp box.

<---The blanket with our stuff on it.

<---L's little hand! CUTE!

(L) S playing in the sandbox

C playing in the sandbox (R)

<---Our root beer floats.