Monday, December 17, 2007

Plain Blue

She went running down the long hall looking for a room she could escape to. Her long blue dress billowing out behind her as she ran. Her blonde hair was coming out of the bun from which she had stationed it in and was now blowing in her face.

She found a room and quickly went in. She shut door quietly and braced it with her back and hands as if to stop any intruder from coming in. Her hair gentle caressed her face as she glanced quickly over the room looking for a hiding place. It was her father’s study.

To her left were bookshelves and a table with the world globe on it. Straight in front of her was a desk and a man was seated at it, but she unconsciously overlooked him in an effort to find a hiding place. Behind the man was a beautiful bay window looking out on the garden, to her right was the seating area. As she finished glancing over the room she finally realized that her father was at this desk, the only man that could save her now.

She didn’t stop to ask him what he was doing or if she was interrupting him. She just came and poured out her case to him hoping to find some overruling in what had happened that morning.

“Father you’ve got to help me!” She cried, floating over to the front of his desk were she knelt on the Victorian rug in front of the desk in order to appear more helpless. “Father she’s gone absolutely mad!”

“Who’s gone mad dear?” he asked with a quizzical look on his face.


“Whatever do you mean?”

“This morning when I was getting dressed she said that I must wear bigger, more full dresses and that they must be pink and purple so as to make me more feminine. She says I must were lace so as to look more wealthy. Then she tried to get me to wear it and I said I wouldn’t but she said that no matter how much I protested she would find a way to get me to wear it.”

She rose to her feet, went to the bay window and looked over the garden in utter despair. Although feeling several sets of eyes on her she ignored the feeling and continued her complaint.

“She also said that I shall never find a husband if I don’t change the way I dress and act and get my pretty little head out of those silly little books that I read because no man will want a plain girl that reads books all day but Father I like my plain blue dresses and my silly little books.” She paused and sighed heavily so as to make this seem as a bigger tragedy then she knew it was. “And I think that a man should love me for who I am and not for what I look like or what I wear,” She said rather dramatically.

Just as she was finishing the last words in her report she turned around to see her father and in the seats in front of his desk an older gentlemen and a young man, all three men having a look of surprise on their faces.

Sheepishly she looked to her feet, which she found were barefoot, for when she fled to find some safety from Jolene she had just finished putting on her dress and had not enough time for shoes, her only concern was with finding some way to save herself.

Her blonde hair fell in front of her lowered faced, then she lifted her grey-blue eyes up to find a grin on the young man’s face, oddly she found him quite attractive. He was maybe a little older then her, she thought.

He had deep blue eyes that caused one to be almost frozen in their mesmerizing gaze. A few pieces of his dark brown hair had managed to escape the rest and were dangling on his forehead.

She pulled herself from his eyes and once again looked down at her feet, blushing again at the site of them, made an attempt to bury them into the floor.

She had blonde hairs that always seemed to fall were she didn’t want them to and never wanted to stay were she put them. She had fair skin and rosie cheeks, which were extra rosie right now. Her dress was blue with little flowers on it and a cream sash around the waist, which seemed to outline her slender middle.

Then raising her body to her full height, being quite tall for the age of fifteen, she apologized to the men.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know that you had company Father, please excuse me.” She curtsied slightly, and then left the room swiftly.

She closed the door and leaned against the wall, embarrassment rushed over her. How could she do such a thing? She knew it was her father’s room, why didn’t she stop and think? What were the two men doing talking to her father and what business did they have now at this hour? She stood almost as though she were nailed to the wall, her chest going up and down as she breathed heavily.

Softly she heard her father’s voice apologizing for her rude interruption and then the older man’s deep chuckle and his “That’s O.K, I’ve got a girl myself.”

She blushed again and noticing that her feet were bare, and that it was getting a little cold, rushed to the protection of the library.

That afternoon as she was reading a book in the confines of the garden, her thoughts drifted from her book of Shakespeare to the event that was going to take place that evening.

Later that morning her Father had come to her room and assured her that the men were not offended by her outburst. He also informed her that they were going to have guests for supper.

She asked who was coming and he said that it was a surprise, and that she would find them quite amusing. The slightly mischievous grin on his face made her wonder what was in store for the evening.

Now here she was, her mind going over all the people she could think of that would come for supper. Why would she find them amusing? Grandma Flora? No she was traveling and she wasn’t very amusing. Besides father said that they were amusing, which meant there was more then one person. She couldn’t put her finger on it so she forced her mind back to the book.

The birds chirped around her and she once again turned from her book. She wished she was a bird so that she could fly. Oh how she had wanted wings that morning in the study! Anyways she had to figure out what to wear for supper.

She rose from the bench were she was sitting, picked up her book, and started for the house.

As she approached the house she saw her sister coming towards her. How come she liked pink and looked good in it? It wasn’t fair.

Lydia you will never guess whom father has invited for supper,” She exclaimed with a hint of excitement in her voice.

“I don’t know, tell me,” She said rather excited, for she wanted to know who was coming.

“It’s our neighbors, the Hartensons!”

They were the neighbors that lived not very far off, but they had never come over for a visit.

She didn’t know a thing about them or what they looked like. Did they have kids? Were they wealthy? Would they be rude?

-by Leah (A.K.A. Me) I wrote this a couple years ago. Hehe as you can tell. :)


Kate said...

So is there an ending?

I always fall for good romantic stories! ;) grin!

Stumbled across your blog via heart and home!

Leah said...
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Leah said...

Well actually there isn't an ending so far. Umm I did think of a scene for supper that evening but other then that I really haven't thought that far. I don't really do endings I guess. I just think of a scene in my head that I write it out, and that's pretty much what this is. :) Thanks for commenting!