Thursday, December 30, 2010


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Extreme Christmas Story

Have you ever smelled fresh hay?

Aristar, the farming lad, began his story.  "It's like someone captured the essence of spring and bundled it before it could lose its newness.  Mary and Joseph must have smelled it when they arrived at the manger after their long journey."

The other prisoners listened intently as Aristar spoke naturally of the nativity. "The horse's ears would have turned towards the Savior's cry as soon as he was born.  They are great listeners, as we should be when Jesus speaks." 
Outside the Romanian prison of Tirgul-Ocna, the snow was six feet deep on a bitterly cold Christmas Eve.  The prisoners had few clothes, little food, and barely one blanket each.  They all missed their families and turned to listen to Aristar's story of Christ's birth for comfort.

He continued, "The light of the star must have been brighter than the moon.  It may have shone through the stable's doorway and made the rooster crow announcing Christ's birth."  The prisoners listened and wept.  After the story, someone began to sing, gradually swelling to echo in the clear, crisp air.  Everyone stopped to listen to the beautiful sound.

Even in the harsh prison, the story of Christ's gift warmed the hearts of many. Because Christ is the foundation, one can never lock out the spirit of Christmas.

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. 
-- Luke 2:11--

--Voice of the Martyrs, Extreme Devotions Day 360--

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Help my infirmities;
When I am pressed down with a load
of sorrow,
perplexed and knowing not what to do,
slandered and persecuted,
made to feel the weight of the cross,
help me, I pray thee. 

If thou seest in me
any wrong thing encouraged
any evil desire cherished,
any delight that is not thy delight,
any habit that grieves thee,
any nest of sin in my heart,
then grant me the kiss of thy forgiveness,
and teach my feet to walk the way of 
thy commandments.

Deliver me from carking care,
and make me a happy, holy person;
Help me to walk the separated life with
firm and brave step,
and to wrestle successfully against weakness;
Teach me to laud, adore, and magnify thee,
with the music of heaven,
And make me a perfume of praiseful gratitude 
to thee.
I do not crouch at thy feet as a slave before a tyrant,
but exult before thee as a son with a father.
Give me power to live as thy child in all my actions,
and to exercise sonship by conquering self.
Preserve me from the intoxication that comes
if prosperity;
Sober me when I am glad with a joy that comes
not from thee.
Lead me safely on to the eternal kingdom,
not asking whether the road be rough or smooth.
I request only to see the face of him I love,
to be content with bread to eat,
with raiment to put on,
if I can be brought to thy house in peace.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I know, I know, I haven't been posting my A Woman's Call to Prayer like I should.  Truth is...  I've been super busy around here it being Christmas and all ya know.  Then, if you go and add the blizzard that we had the last 2 days and the 7+ inches of snow and a good bit of rain that instantly turned to ice on my vehicle making it practically impossible to drive anywhere or even open the door for that matter, ya get my current state of being.   But, God is still faithful, and He is working wonders in my life.  I have been drawing strength and grace from Acts and Job the last week or so.  They are so full of God's Awesomeness I can't even begin to describe it to you.   Tomorrow I have the day off of work so, maybe, between some last minute Christmas shopping, the laundry, making dinner, finishing up a blanket, and editing pictures... I am HOPING to get a post or two up.  But, if not... God knows!  He's still in control and I am so EXTREMELY glad that He is.  If I was in charge I think the world would be in utter chaos.  Or at least look a lot like my room, which at this particular unfortunate moment in time slightly resembles a... well, let's just not go there...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hannah Ruth recently posted about her vacation to Florida and it makes me so happy!! You MUST go and look.  This is one of my FAVORITE pictures of the series.