Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beautiful Beads on a Basket


Dried Fruit

Between Jobs

On Mondays I have a couple hours between jobs where I'm able to go sit by the fire at the local Coffee Shop Bistro and read a book, sip some coffee or the special Latte of the day and just relax before heading out again.
It's truly a blessing from the Lord.
Thank you Jesus. ~::


Christmas decorating at the Shop.  (:

Fall Shots

Rainy Day

A happy way to spend a rainy day: Inside where it's warm surrounded by antiques and cozy music.

 I Love My Job

Hay Bales

Pickin' Corn

 All the way back in August we picked some sweet corn to freeze and also to munch on. It's SO good! :)
^Handsome Brother Man^  (:
 Little Josiah Man loves his corn! If you can't tell, his little face is on the edge of a huge smile! (that my camera failed to capture.)