Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Somethin' about Converse... :)


Each year we try and get out to Wyoming to visit grandparents.
 It's always a delightful time. 
Lots of memories for Mama.
A treat for us kids to watch Grandma and Mama reminiscing and seeing where Mama played as a girl. Happy times.
Grandpa Willard

 Mama showing us the Indian Tipi rings she played around as a child.

The Guys chatting as we had target practice.

My handsome "little" brother.
Grandpa Jim and Grandma Mary

Only in Wyoming. :)

I think I left my heart in Wyoming... again.  :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall is here with all it's colors.
I am particularly in love with the trees on our front lawn.
The delicious gold and brown against the breathtaking blue sky.

In the Grove

There are Faeries...


Lemon Thyme
Brussels Spouts in a castiron pan with butter and garlic.  
Can you hear them sizzling? 
Can you smell that delicious golden butter?
Can you see them popping and jumping around in the pan?

A very happy Autumn meal indeed.

From the Garden

Helping Auntie

Little Ethan helped me pick the tomatoes, red hot peppers and brussels sprouts.

After doing a bit of harvest we took a stroll around the block.
Grandma said that we had to make sure we brought back a stick, a rock and a pretty leaf.
He looked SOO carefully for them!! :)