Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In the Kitchen

 Fresh fruit pies were a must today. Peach and Apple.
Tomorrow is dad's birthday.

Apparently I cannot make anything in our kitchen without having:  1) music and 2) my camera.

For more pictures, go here: Fresh Peach Pie

Music? A new little gem I found.
Seriously. This is the most amazing album. Ever.

I'm almost certain I could hear the needle scratching against the vinyl record as it played through the record player.

I could almost hear scattered voices as I sat upon the french rooftop sipping my latte while I watched the people walk by.

I could almost smell the cigar smoke of the jazz parlor deep in a downtown Paris basement

I could almost feel the breeze and the smell of fresh fruit as I walked down the lane to the market place.

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Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

 Golden Peach Pie

bon app├ętit

Enjoying my new camera.  :)

Sibley Park Visit

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Corn Day

It's kind of an annual thing for us.
The Good Lord has blessed us with the many blessings of having farmer friends with fields of beautiful luscious sweet corn that they offer to us. 
All we have to do is pick it and do with it as we please.

The total numbers? 1,000+ ears of corn
That should carry us through until next years bounty.

 Sweet child
{{Child of my heart}}

March 30, 2012

On this day my big sister entered into a beautiful union with Jay.
Little late on the update? Yea. :)

Here are their engagement pictures.
Now, after almost 5 months, the Big Day has found it's way onto my blog.

It was a wonderful day
Bitter-sweet, for sure
Seeing my sister up there
just beaming
made my heart swell with happiness
my eyes with tears
She's happy 

May God bless their marriage.
May He be the center of their lives
May He be the connecting point

((ooh! Plus, I get a SUPER cool brother-in-law and a SCRUMPTIOUS nephew.))


Love you two.  :)