Monday, February 19, 2007

The Great Exchange

Here is a quote from a book my sister, Ana, got me that is really good!

"When we spend time with Christ, He supplies us with strength and encourages us in the pursuit of His ways. I call this time with God 'the great exchange.' Away from the world and hidden from public view, I exchange...

my weariness for His strength,
my weakness for His power,
my darkness for His light,
my problems for His solutions,
my burdens for His freedom,
my frustrations for His peace,
my turmoil for His calm,
my hopes for His promises,
my afflictions for His balm of comfort,
my questions for His answers,
my confusion for His knowledge,
my doubt for His assurance,
my nothingness for His awesomeness,
the temporal for the eternal, and
the impossible for the possible!"

-Elizabeth George, from A Young Woman After God's Own Heart, pg 25-26-

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