Tuesday, February 17, 2009

rainy day

You're sitting in your car driving down the street.
The street lights form a makeshift runway.
The raindrops patter on your windshield.
You run your wipers only to have new drops reclaim the space.
You park and get out.
A damp feeling covers everything.
The sky is a cool Grey.
A chilly breeze blows and you pull your light coat a little tighter.
It gently rains little drops of water cold as ice.
The smell of spring is in the air.
Its intoxicating scent fills your body.
You stop and lift your head to the heavens.
The drops fall.
The nippy drops stick to your face and your eyelashes.
You can hear them hitting the exposed leaves and grass.
The snow melts with every little drop.
You let the rain drops slide down your face like tears.
It starts to rain harder.
The streets are now a dark shade.
The temperature drops and threatens to form ice.
You step inside and slip your shoes and jacket off.
You stare out the window wishing it would rain harder.
Reluctantly you leave the tranquil scene.
Off to set the table for a warm supper...

1 comment:

Melanie said...

I love your posts like this-- they are so beautiful and picturesque!