Friday, February 20, 2009


Who can describe a rose and do it justice?

Surely not I!

'Tis long stemmed like a giraffe neck, but no! That's not right!

'Tis poky like a porcupine, Nay, that's not right either!

'Tis a bearer of leather like leaves. NO! That's far from right!

'Tis smooth as silk, yet silk is not silky enough for it!

'Tis soft like a newborns hands, but yet that still doesn't do it right!

'Tis a sign of love, purity, friendship and more, yet those signs lack what it really is like.

'Tis a ticking thing when rubbed across you face like a feather on the foot, yet a feather does not do it right!

'Tis a smell so intoxicating like a spring day. But please! Justice hasn't been served tonight!

Who can describe a rose?

Surely not I!

Please, tell me who!?

Poor are the people that have never felt, seen or smelled a rose. For they know not what indescribably beauty they are passing up.

But for those who have felt, seen and smelled it know that no can truly describe a rose.

For it cannot be described in words, but in the memory of such a precious flower!

When a group of people talk of roses those who have not felt, seen or smelled it cannot possibly imagine what it could be like.

But for those who have, it's almost like a secret shared among those who have had the pleasure of beholding such excellence.

How wise, loving and magnificence is He who created such a piece of art.

So please, tell me who can describe a rose and do it justice?

Surely not I!

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Robert said...

You did a good job of describing a rose!