Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He is!

Here I am. Sitting on my bed eating M&M's and listening to my new FAVORITE song. Thinking about God and who He is. I thank the Lord for His ABUNDANT mercy and love towards me. He is SO good! He is loving when I'm unloving. He is merciful when I'm merciless. He is patient when I'm impatient. He is compassionate when I'm not. He is forgiving when I'm unforgiving. He is faithful when I'm faithless. He is consistent when I'm inconsistent He is dependable when I'm unreliable. He is in control so I'm not (Thank you Jesus for that!!). He is amazing and I'm amazed. He is my Father and I'm His child. He is my Shepherd and I'm His sheep. He is my water so I thirst no more. He is my rock in stormy weather. He picks me up when I stumble. He is the Creator of the Universe and I'm His creation. He is the Sustainer of Life and I'm the receiver of it. He is perfect and I'm contaminated. He is!!

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Paula said...

Dear Leah,
You very effectively and beautifully described what "He is!" I was so blessed reading this! Your love for Him just flows out of your heart and touches all those around you!!! You are a blessing!

All of your photos are so beautiful!!! Thank you for all you share!
Love in Jesus, Paula