Monday, February 9, 2009

a foggy day

Waking up to a fog so heavy its like you could almost climb up and fall asleep on them.
Riding in the car with the rain plunking a tune on the hood of your car.
The melodious squeaking of the wipers.
Puddles of water just waiting for you to jump in them.
A warm breeze kissing your cheek as the rain falls on your head.
A quiet.
Delicious day.
As the day goes on the fog begins to lift ever so gently.
Sunlight begins to peek through the clouds.
The sun comes out for but a moment as if to make sure you haven't forgotten its marvelous face.
The cotton like clouds begin to veil the beaming sun.
The sun goes down.
Behind the clouds leaving you in total darkness.
Evening sets in with a handful of stars daring to shine their light from the sky.
Winds so strong they threaten to pull down the trees in pursuit of something unseen.
The deep wave like roaring of the wind through the trees.
Inside you're hiding under a multitude of blankets covering your bed to keep you warm.
A pillow to hug when the wind seems to try to rip through the walls.
The gentle hum of the TV in the other room.
Your breathing progressively slows down to a steady, shallow pace.
You slowly drift off to sleep to the song of the wind.
Your eyes gradually begin to get droop.





They're shut for good, not due to open again until the dawning of a new day.


Melanie said...

I love it!! :-)
It is so gorgeous here today, and is supposed to be very warm. :-)

Paula said...

Dear Leah,
That is so beautiful! You have a gift for words and photography! I enjoy all your beautiful photos so much! I hope you are keeping warm.

The Valentine box you made is so pretty!

Love, Paula

Ana said...

Did you write that? :) Humm ... I'm impressed ... I really liked it!

Leah said...

I am very glad that it is warm there! It has warmed up here and our snow is melting.

Thank you very much for your sweet comment! :) We are keeping warm. I'm glad that you like my Valentine box.

Yes, I did write it. I wrote it Monday night at like 12:30am, well I guess it was Tuesday morning. :)