Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Good evening! Well I guess we are expecting 17-22 more inches of snow here! That'll be fun! Well I really haven't been up to a lot today. So here are some random pictures. Hope you like them. :)

<---This is one that I really like. It's obviously not what I looked like today! But it's cute. Isn't it?

<---I think this is really cute to! And here are some more pictures by Norman Rockwell.

<-Coca-Cola. It's good, but Dr. Pepper is better!) :)

(Coffee...that's good stuff! )

<---A calendar front. Isn't it pretty?

<---I thought this was funny.

<---A penmanship book.


Katya said...

These pictures are so fun! I really enjoyed looking at them. :) Nostalgic art like that just makes me feel cozy. ~K

Ana said...

These are really fun pictures! Thanks for posting them here!!!