Friday, May 15, 2009

Okay, so normally I don't like posting pictures of muah but... I just got a new haircut/trim and I got some more bangs and I am very fond of them... so I thought I would post it and show ya'll.

Hm... a bit of an odd one to start with but I like the way that my bangs look in this picture. I hope it doesn't sound to awkward and I don't mean to boast but I like the color of my eyes in this one. Is that a bad thing to say?
This second picture kinda shows you how long my hair is getting. I am sooo happy. It goes down to about the bottom my shoulder blades. YEAH!


nay nay said...

Great Pics! I like your bangs! Whenever I get bangs I don't like them...they don't look good on me!
Have a nice day!

Melanie said...

Very lovely!
The bangs, the length of your hair, and your eyes. :-)

fiddleforever_bga said...

I love your hair!:D Esp. the bangs; I love bangs like that!:P

Katie said...

Love the pictures! I have been trying to decide if I should try bangs again...after seeing your pics I think I'm leaning toward cutting bangs before camp in two weeks. :)

KinaBolina said...

You have such beautiful hair, the cut and the color both.
I love seeing what people look like. :)
xoxo Caroline

Natalie said...

Oh, how lovely! Great pictures. :)

And yay for hair growing out..mine's about that length too.

Tricia said...

Really cute haircut. You look nice!!

emma and kaydee

Paula said...

Hi sweetie,

No, it is not a bad thing to like the color of your eyes, or like how you look. You are beautiful, and fearfully and wonderfully made. I think it is a very wonderful thing to see a young lady that is happy with her looks. You are so pretty inside and out!

I love your bangs and the length of your hair. Your eyes are very pretty! I just cut my bangs and love them. I had it all one length for so long, it is fun to have them short again. I love your the pictures of you and the ones of your pretty flowers in your previous post!

Love, Paula