Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Borg are coming!!

Since the measure of angle BOC is a central angle...

"What was that noise?" Mom asked Ethan in the dinning room.
I ignored her and kept on reading.
Since the measure of angle BOC is a central angle, we know that...
I looked up just in time to see the clock shut off on the VCR and the lights turn off.

Ach, the power went out again. I ignored it and continued my math. I figured it would turn on sooner or later, it can't be that serious.
Since the measure of angle BOC is a central angle, we know that the measure of angle BOC...
Then out of no where Ethan comes running into the living room with the dog under his arm screaming at the top of his lungs.
"The borg are coming!!!" I rolled my eyes. Great.
"AWW!!! We are all gonna DIE!" He picked up the phone and tried to turn it on pushing the call button repeatedly. He runs over to the front door and tries to open the UNLOCKED door. He continues to scream. He then proceeded to back himself into the hall closet with the phone in hand screaming "The borg are coming!"
"Ethan, be quite and be careful with the dog." I frowned and turned back to my school. So much drama!
I hear the door close and the dogs collar jingle as she runs for her house.
"Mom, where is Ethan going?" I asked.
"He's going outside to mow the lawn with dad."
"Okay." I once again turned back to my math.
Since the measure of angle BOC is a central angle, we know that the measure of angle BOC is equal to the measure of...
I hear the door open and screams once more invade my math "The BORG ARE COMING!"
I see him run into the living room breathing heavily (for a more dramatic effect I figured).
"Not really, but seriously... you should see the huge branch that just fell from the neighbors tree and took out the power line."
I rolled my eyes. First the borg now the tree taking out a power line. What next?! The Wicked Witch of the West?
"Are you serious Ethan?" Mom asked him gently.
"I'm serious, come look at it!"
Ah for goodness sake am I ever going to be able to finish my sentence?!
I grunted and took out my earphones, put down my math book and computer and put on my flip-flops. I picked up my camera from the drawer (of course :P) and continued outside.
"I don't see it." I said flatly.
"It's over here in the alleyway." He ran ahead of me. I walked slowly down the steps, the wind blowing fiercely against me. (Wind gusts up to 52 mph.) Well it was the right kind of weather for the Wicked Witch to come and than maybe she could take me to Neverland so that I could look for Bambi who is trying to find Pooh who is lost in Sydney Australia. Hey if the Borg get to invade my house why can't the Wicked Witch? :)
I turned and sure enough. There was a massive branch in the alleyway.
Good grief! He wasn't kidding. I could see a cop talking to my dad and the neighbor lady as they surveyed the damage. Well at least I know why I lost my Internet connection and why the phone is dead.
Ethan ran ahead always ready for a new challenge. I snapped a picture quick and went over to my mom who was now talking to the other neighbor lady.
"It's just unbelievable!" The neighbor lady started. "It landed exactly between the shed and the close line pool, it even went OVER the rhubarb."
I chuckled. I wanted to tell her that God has pretty good aim. :) I kept my mouth shut.
I left the little group of ladies and went over near the tree. My dad said that it was all right to come closer because they found the wire that had snapped and they had shut the power off. I thought it was already out? All well. :) So I came closer and it was amazing!! I mean it looked like someone was just peeling a banana or something very easy. It was a very clean cut and the color and texture of the wood actually reminded me of turkey or chicken meat. That's pretty bad when trees start looking like food hu? hehe. But just looking at it made me stand in awe at the wonderful power of our God. He made sure that the wind blew at exactly the right time and that the tree went down at the exact spot even down to the last centimeter. Wow! Plus He even protected the little rhubarb plant underneath. What an awesome God we have!
So in the end the borg didn't actually come, and the Wicked Witch didn't show either. Bummer. Plus I didn't finish my school. Another bummer. :P But what we did get was another display of God's awesomeness! His total and absolute control over everything. And if He can control the weather, can't He take care of my problems? Isn't He strong enough to deal with my piddly little dealings? I can assuredly say YES! He can! I am SO thankful that I serve such a powerful and loving God. I am glad that I don't have to depend on a little wooden statue to keep me safe. I honestly can't see a little wooden figure keeping that tree branch in it's place. :) I'd say that this is much more exciting than math. Wouldn't you say? :)

You might have to click on a couple of these pictures so that you can see them better.

Dad, Mom, Ethan and a couple of the other neighbors helped clean up the mess. I would have helped but I had to get ready for work. Bummer.
Can you even see the little line that broke? :)The indestructible rhubarb.No, that's not rain. It's dirt that the wind picked up. Nasty I know!


Jason A. Hunsicker said...

Wow, God was watching out for you guys, even the rhubarb!

What are the Borg by the way?

Leah said...

The Borg are a fictional race from Star Trek and they try to take over space. I put a link to the definition on my blog.

fiddleforever_bga said...

Wow, too cool!! That is a really clean cut!
I love the pic of the rhubarb under the branch; it's cute!:P


Tricia said...

WOW!! That looks cool.
kaydee and emma