Friday, June 29, 2007

...2nd-hand shopping...

Hello! Today my sister and I went to the second hand store. Its been a while since I've been there so we decided we should go. Here are the items that I got.

<---A tablecloth with little teacups in the corners.

<---Hair straightener. Its the first one I've ever had and hopefully it works, but if it doesn't thats all right because it was only a $1.

<---Jean jacket/shirt.

A Little soap dish. I absolutely love this thing!!!

<---Thank You cards.

<--- 2 ½ yards of fabric! Hmm... future apron? :)

<---A skirt that I'm going to try and find some material to sew on the the bottom to make it longer. If I can't use it Ana's more then willing to take it from me. :)

<---The cutest little buttons I've ever seen!!

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