Friday, June 15, 2007

☼ Summer Times ☼

Well this summer is absolutely wonderful! It's been really warm and kinda windy lately. I've been babysitting/being a nanny for a lady that works with my brother C. It's been alot of fun! But I haven't had much time to post or anything. I've had a lot of softball games. But what would summer be without softball games? Well, I got a new blue beach bag for when I take the kids to the pool. It holds a TON of stuff! It's amazing!! Plus the bag that I used to take their house to put my things in ripped down the side. But what can you do? It was a plastic bag. *smiles* I absolutely love it! Thanks Dad and Mom!! And I also got a blue notebook to put my hours in for Mrs. M. And LOTS of sunscreen!!! I already kinda got a sunburn. But then again what would summer be without sunburns, sunscreen and softball? :)

<--- MY BAG!! I ♥ it!

<---Anti-Sunburns!! Oh yea!! :)

(L) The front of my notebook.
(R) The back of it.

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