Friday, June 22, 2007


Hello everybody!! Today is my birthday! Wahoo!! Today we didn't do to much I guess. My dad had a pastors fellowship that we went to this morning. After that we got to go to my favorite book store!!! I didn't buy any books but I love to just go and look at the books!! Then we got to go out to eat. So here are some pictures of how my day went.

<---My Chocolate cake I made from scratch. It didn't cook all the way...and we didn't figure that out until after it cooled! haha.

<---The frosting! Chocolate pudding and whipped cream!

<---My birthday cake.

<--- My birthday presents. The purse I bought, the puzzle, body wash, shea body butter, and towel my family bought me, and the little pink notepad I bought.

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Katya said...

Happy Birthday again, Leah! It looks like you had a nice day. ~'::