Thursday, June 7, 2007



"Wake up," the robins warble,
"The summer times" is here,
The month of blushing roses,
The darling of the year.

Wake up, you lazy dreamers!
The summer's waiting you,
The days are long and golden;
The skies are tender blue.

The earth is full of gladness,
Of light and song and bloom,
Join in the summer brightness,
Nor ever think of gloom.

Make hast, June-days to welcome,
For summer-time will fleet
As swift as flying shadows
Across the ripened wheat.

And, when the autumn breezes
Sigh through September's leaves,
And all the sloping hillsides
Wave rows to tasseled sheaves.

The birds that follow summer
Will seek a southern sky,
The sweetness of her blossoms
Will, all forgotten, die.

And summer to her lover
Will yield her weary charms,
Wing peacefully to slumber,
And die in autumn's arms.

Come, then, ye lazy dreamers,
Come forth to light and love,
Te earth is wreathed with garlands,
The skies are blue above,

The birds their love songs carol
'Mid golden summer blooms;
The breezes whisper softly
In twilight's opal glooms;

All glad things bid you welcome
While last the summer hours.
Who wishes more than June-time,
with song and light and flowers.

-Lucy Maud Montgomery-

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Katya said...

That is such a beautiful poem, Leah! I will most certainly have to copy it down in my poem notebook. Thank you for brightening my day with it. :) I love the picture lovely and nostalgic! Lots of love, Katie Rose