Tuesday, July 3, 2007

-off with the old, on with the new-

Yesterday afternoon Ana, Katie, and I went and started painting our church basement fellowship/Sunday school room. It was sort of a pinkish color, and we decided that we weren't in the "pink" mood anymore. :) So we decided to color it tan. It took most of yesterday afternoon and evening, (I had to leave in the evening for a softball game, but Ana, Katie, C, and E worked on it) and most of today. After dinner I went back to church and practiced my piano for a little over an hour. (Man, do my arms and figures hurt!) But we are finished!! Wahoo!! So that's good. We didn't get a lot of pictures from it because our hands were full of paint, so we got before and after and maybe a couple during pictures. So here are the couple pictures that we did happen to get.

-Monday Afternoon/Evening-

<---The beginning. (The green part is where the board was.)

<---After the Kilz paint.


<---Our breakfast/snack.

<---Coffee!!! :)

---Doughnuts! And my Frappichino in my way-neato-cup. I didn't have coffee like Ana and Katie so I decided to put my Frappichino in a mug like theirs. :)

<---Katie and me painting the wall!!

<---The wall is finished!

<---Um...yeah, that would be my clothes!

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