Friday, January 16, 2009


I've been thinking about marriage and things like that a LOT lately. Thinking about how God will bring the right man along when the time is right. I'm also finding that it's REALLY hard to wait. But something I've gotta keep in mind is that God's timing is ALWAYS right. It's PERFECT. I could NEVER do a better job. If I would have had my way I'd have been married at age 10. VERY happy that I DIDN'T get my own way. :)

But another thought is that my homemaking skills and whatnot will not just "kick-in" when I get married. They're not exactly something that you can "download" once you're married. I've got to prepare for it now. Years before I'm married! One of the top things on that list of things that I've got to prepare for is the preparation of meals. :) No laughing just yet Ana. Now, I'm not exactly... good... at making meals. I can make... mashed potatoes and brats for Dad, and scrambled eggs.. okay so I'm not THAT bad, but I could do MUCH better. I can make desserts! :) My husband and I could live off of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Lemon Poppy Seed Cake! :) Hmm...maybe not! What brought this to mind was one particular event.

My brother and I were home alone and it happened to be around the dinner hour ( I guess some people call it lunch ) and I was responsible for making something to eat. No laughing yet Ana. So, I waited until about 12:00. Went to the kitchen and rummaged through the fridge hoping to find something that I could just "whip" up and eat. Finding nothing to my liking, I went to the pantry. Again, finding nothing that I wanted to eat. Not that there WASN'T anything to eat, there just wasn't anything I WANTED to eat. :) So I sat back down and started trying to think of something to make. Not just yet Ana. I then decided that I could make Macaroni and Cheese. Yea. That'll work! That's all fine and dandy, almost Ana, but there...I hit a problem. You can guess what it was. That's right. I didn't know how to make it. Now you can laugh Ana. Oh, I knew the ingredients and everything, but I just didn't know how much to put in and things like that. I picked up the phone and reluctantly dialed those dreaded numbers. I knew I would NEVER live this one down. The phone rang....ring...ring. I didn't have to do this. I could just find something else to make. Ring. She picks up.

"Ana?" I said in a small voice.
"Umm... I can't find anything to eat."
"Are you sure?"
"Yea, I'm sure. I checked the fridge and the pantry. There just isn't anything that I want to eat." I said. Making sure not to put to much emphasis on "want".
"Then make something."

That was her answer?! I knew that's what she would say.

" what?" Trying to avoid the fact that I had actually already figured out something to make but I didn't want to admit that I didn't know how to actually make it.
"There's a lot of stuff you can make."

Hmm... thinking... thinking.....

"I could make Macaroni and Cheese." I smiled.
"See, you've already picked something out. "
"Yea. But..." I hesitated.


"Okay, I don't know how to make it so... can you please just tell me how." I said it quickly. Trying not to give her enough time to gasp before I finished. I had my pen and paper all ready. I even had the title "Mac and Cheese" on the top. Plus, I even started writing the recipe... "Boil Water."

"Are you serious?"

I didn't want to answer. Maybe I could just hang up now and forget this all happened.....

"Yea." I winced. So VERY thankful that she couldn't see me blush.

She laughed. I knew it! I knew she would laugh at me!

She tried to gain enough composure to finish the conversation.

"Well, if you go to my cookbook in the cupboard... it's in there."

I got up and searched frantically for it. Found the book. Searching.... searching... I can't find the recipe!!! More flipping. Yes! I found it! My eyes rested on this EXTREMELY simple recipe. Why didn't I just LOOK for it in the first place?

"I found it."

"Good. See, now you've got something for dinner."
"All right. Thanks." I smiled. I knew she wouldn't be too hard on me.

So that is my...well, story I guess. It actually didn't turn out that bad. Ana came home and asked about it and I told her it was pretty good. She was happy. Thanks Ana! :)

I'd say that I've made progress! :) Just a little bit? Maybe? Well, either way. Now I know how to make Macaroni and Cheese if nothing else!

So, while I wait for the Lord to bring a husband (if that is what He wants for my life) I shall be learning to cook, clean, do laundry and all that jazz. :) And who better to learn these valuable things from then my very own Mother. There isn't a class or curriculum that can teach me better then she can. God is so good to give me such a wonderful teacher isn't He?!


Charity Dawn said...

Hee! Don't worry Leah. My sister can completely relate to your story, only she had it worse. She didn't know how to make scrammbled eggs! She had to call a lady in the church because we were all gone somewhere. Now she is married, and is doing quite well being a homemaker - cooking and all. She does wish that she had taken the time to learn those skills before hand though. Poor Dan has been very patient;o)Even if God would have you to be single, homemaking is something that every woman should understand and strive to improve at. Prepare for your life, not in hopes of a husband, but in hopes of honoring God. May you have many more cooking "experiences" that turn out well!

Cloe said...

I'm shocked-even I know how to open up that blue and yellow box!

Melanie said...

You are right, I've thought too that homemaking doesn't come naturally once a girl is married. I've been trying to improve my home-making skills and character as well while I wait.

The story of the mac'n'cheese tickled me, beCAUSE---- I'M THE SAME WAY! You and I are kindred spirits, Leah. I've gotten a LITTLE better in the kitchen since I did the Home Ec paces about the kitchen-- but I'm still not perfect! :-)

Ana said...

*Giggles* I remember this! :) It was rather funny. :) In a sad ... almost embarrassing sort of way. ;) Kidding.

Danielle said...

Aww! This made me smile :)

I just had to laugh when you said if you had your way you would have been married at 10! When I was younger- I was so sure that I was going to get married and start a family at 18- right out of high school- and I even remember thinking at about age 16 "I'm ready to get married". lol. Well, I didn't get married until I was 23- so I had several years to learn to wait on the Lord and I cherish those years now. I learned to put my future in His hands- married or single- and to wait on Him. And like you, I knew that IF I was going to get married someday I'd need to learn all those lovely domestic duties- and if I was to be single I'd use them to not only take care of myself- but to minister to others. I read and re-read "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" many many times and my mantra became "hustle while you wait" :)

Rosebud said...

Whoa, Leah--that is really funny! I have to admit though, I hate working in the kitchen--everything I try flops on me. (Nearly.) ;-) "Good luck" on your future attempts at improving your skills! =D