Thursday, January 22, 2009

encouragement from a friend

I received a letter in the mail yesterday from a VERY dear friend. She is constantly pushing me to Christ. Asking me how I'm doing Spiritually between God and me but also between my siblings, parents and work. Thank you C! In the letter one part was especially special to me.

"Are you filling your heart up with Jesus by spending time in the Word? It will change your life Leah. Take time to pray, worship Him, praise God for what He has done and for what He is doing in your life, store your every struggle with Him. When you go to work picture yourself always walking hand in hand with Jesus. Don't let go, allow Him to go every where with you. I know God is always with us, but we don't always acknowledge Him."

I just wanted to share the encouragement with you today. It meant SO much to me, I couldn't help but share it.


Thankful Paul said...

Do you believe in miracles?

Leah said...

Yes, I do.

Melanie said...

What a blessing to have friends to encourage you on in your walk with the Lord! Praise the Lord! :-D

Paula said...

Dear Leah,

What a sweet friend to encourage you in your walk with Christ. I love what she wrote! It helped me and I thank you for sharing it!