Sunday, May 11, 2008

busy...busy...dreadfully busy...

all right, all right, I won't sing that Veggi-Tales song, but it's what I'm thinking! I have been soo busy with everything that has been going on. My sister has been more faithful in posting on her blog then I have been. So if you go to my sisters blog you will pretty much know about everything that is going on in my life, since we live in the same house. So yea. My Grandma moved in with us because she can't live by herself due to health problems. I have been removed from my room for a time so my Grandma can live in my room. So I am living with my sister in the basement. Mmmm.... fun fun! My Grandma is doing much better, all though not fully up to speed. and...lets say... Ana is...pleased as punch to have me living in her room.... :) I'm sure that you will hear many stories about this later on. :) I apologize for not posting about the metro dome. I haven't quite figured out how to get the videos off of our camcorder so I can show some footage of the dome. Would you like me to spoil it and tell you what happened? Or....should I make you wait until I get around to posting about it? hmm........decisions decisions ....
Well until I decide...I shall talk about the beautiful spring that God has graciously and lovingly given us. It is warm but not too warm. The sun casts down green light as it shines through the new leaves on the trees. Um... I can go barefoot outside! hurrah! For it is May and any month that doesn't have an "r" in it is safe for you to go barefoot....did you know that? :)

Softball is coming to an end soon...and Summer softball will start up. I can't wait!
Saturday was cold and wet...and would have been absolutely delightful if I had been inside to enjoy the coziness of my home. But alas I was not. I was at a B-squad tournament. Yuppers. I got to the field at about 9:30 and was there until about....3:30. I was drenched like all the way through every layer of clothing that I had on... but it was worth it.
Monday we have a double-header, Tuesday we might have a double-header, Wednesday is practice, Thursday is a double-header, and then I don't know about Friday. Seedings are coming out on Wednesday and I have a feeling....well more like an educated guess....that we are going to be one of the last teams. Meaning that we have lost most of our games... have won VERY FEW of get the idea.
Well...when I get around to posting I shall post quite a few I think. For I have lots of posts just floating around in my head...notice how I said floating, for there is nothing else in there! :) hehe...just kidding. So, until my unscheduled, long expected, quite random posts, good bye and God bless you!


Ana said...

I like punch. :) And I am TRULY pleased to have you in my room.

Leah said...

Thats good. I like punch too. :) And it was fun sleeping in your room. Thanks!