Friday, May 30, 2008

a tutorial of how not to get a bolo ball out of a tree

We recently purchased the game Ladder Ball. Up until the day that we bought it I had never played this game...and it showed! :)

After playing for a while, Ana (go to her blog and read her post on this. It's absolutely hilarious!) decided to throw the bolo ball with her me mind you! After obviously failing her assault on me she decided, instead of throwing them with her hands she would chuck them with her toes. :) Attempting to hit the ladders, which were positioned on the ground, she actually accidentally got them stuck in one of the tallest trees in our yard. One might think "What would possess one to do that?" Well, that is exactly what I was thinking...but thankfully she wasn't thinking the same thing and now we have footage of it for the whole world to see. :) So, here is a tutorial of how NOT to get a bolo ball out of a tree.

The bolo ball up in the tree.

1. Never try throwing ladder balls at the ladder thing-y, or at younger sisters, with your feet. :)

This is where it all started....

2. Never throw a softball straight up in the air in an attempt to get it the bolo ball out of the tree. :) Or, if you do, make sure that there is enough room for you to flee when it comes back down. :)

Ahem...yea... me throwing it up in the air...and running from it because I couldn't see where it was going because of my hat. :)

3. Never try throwing a massively large board up in the air at the bolo ball in the tree. Or, if you do, refer to rule # 2..... run!

Ethan attempting to get it down with a board. :)

Hm... she must not have read my tutorial.... ;)

4. Never throw an oddly shaped stick up in the air at the bolo ball in the tree for fear of squishing the poor and helpless little cantaloupe plants.

Ana throwing a stick at it and successfully not hitting my cantaloupe. Ana, you are amazing!

The softball in the tree.

5. Never doubt Ana's aim....unless of course she is throwing it with her toes. :) Oh! Never shoot soft pellets in the general direction of poor innocent little victims...such as myself.

Ana throwing the stick at the tree and getting the softball and the stick back down! And again, not hitting my cantaloupe!

6. Never try climbing a tree in hopes of getting it down. It doesn't work! Plus, If you can't see it when you are up in the're probably doomed.

Ana climbed the tree in hopes of "reaching" it. Well that didn't go so swell. :) She couldn't even see it! I am really sorry about the camera trying to focus itself! Kinda makes you squint a bit hu?

Ana and her antlers.

7. Never step in the way of Ana's antlers. Or you'll find out why not to the hard way. Also, always make sure you get a good view of what you are trying to get down before you start throw objects at it.

Me attempting to get it down.

Ethan setting up the ladder. Notice, it is as tall as he is!

8. Never try forcing a bolo ball out of a tree with an extremely long downspout unless you weigh enough to keep yourself balanced on the extra tall ladder you are stationed on. Or else, just find somebody that weighs enough.

Ethan trying to "poke" it down.

Ethan and me climbing the ladder.

9. Never doubt downspouts. They're fabulous things wouldn't you say? :)
Hurahh it's down! O yea! Like my strategy?

And that, dear peeps, is a tutorial of how not to get a bolo ball out of a tree.

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