Sunday, May 18, 2008


I am finally able to post!
At the Dome we won 9-0! wahoo!!!! I went 3-4 hitting wise and I got a home run! :)

About a week ago I hit a home run over the fence. Unfortunately we lost that game.

My Mommy, Ana, and Ethan are soo good to me by video taping me during the games. :) Aren't they just fabulous?!
Alas softball is over with. We had our last "season" game on Thursday. It was a double header and we won both of the games! hurrah! But then we had a Playoff game on Friday and since we were ranked 8th our of 9 we had to play a "pigtail" game where we play the 9th seeded team. And it turned out that we had to play the same team that we played the night before because they were the number 9 seed! We lost that game and so our season is officially over.
Summer softball should start here soon. So I'll just have to wait for that. But until then I should be able to post more often! You fortunate people!


Tiffany said...

Way to go! Isn't the saying "Its not weather you win or lose but how you played the game." You played it well got a home run!!!! What a great video!!

Ana said...

Gathps! I can see your face!!!! 8) 'Mazing, 'mazing!! Wahoo for little sisters! Hurrah!

Leah said...

Yes. I've heard that saying before. It's true. It's not whether you win or's about honoring and glorifying God in everything you do. Especially in softball. I'm learning that one. Slowly. :)

Gathps! Yes. It's me! I figured since you did it I could do it too. :) Hurrah for older sisters! :)

Kate said...

How wonderful that you were able to go to the playoffs - and hit a home run! Congratulations on a great season! Rest up for the summer fun! :) (As I write this, The Rookie is on tv in the other room!)