Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hm...It's been a little while since I posted last hu? You probably think that I've abandoned you...but fear not... I haven't. I've been really quite busy for the last week or so. So if i don't post for a patient I shall probably post on the weekend or whenever I have spare time.
Softball has been going pretty good I suppose. We are 2-5 right now. On Thursday we have a double header and then on Friday we get to go and play in the Metrodome! How fun!! The bus leaves at 5 in the morning. So its a good thing it takes 2 hours to get to the dome, so I can sleep! We play at 8:00 am and then the baseball boys will play after us (they are riding the same bus as us). I am extremely excited about going. Lord willing we will do well...but whatever the outcome it will just be fun to play in the dome. Pray that I would be an example of Godliness to the girls...and that I would have a good attitude whatever the outcome. Hopefully I will be able to get some one to take some pictures so I can show ya'll. Well, until next time! Ciao!

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Wow! Sounds like fun! I will pray for you and your team! I'm exited for you guys(or gals)! = )
In Christ ALONE,
Savannah Catherine