Wednesday, May 2, 2007

¤ Fishing for sunnies ¤

Hello! Well this afternoon I went fishing, for the first time this year, with my sister Ana, my bro E, and my friend C. We had such a blast! I caught two fish! Wahoo! We had to leave early because I had to go to softball practice, but the time that we did get to spend at the lake was wonderful! Catching those tiny fish reminded me of Matthew 14:13-21 were Jesus feeds the 5,000. It says that they had "five loaves and two fish."(Matt. 14:17 NAS) I don't know how big their fish were but if they were the same size as mine I probably would have responded the same way the disciples did, with doubt. But God is able to do exceedingly more then we can ever imagine. So even if their fish were as small as mine Jesus still would have been able to feed the 5,000. So here are some pictures of our fishing party. Enjoy! If you want to see some more pictures of our fishing trip Ana has some at her site.

<---E and C looking very carefully at the rods.

<---C's first fish!

<---E fishing on the dock. Isn't he so cute?

<---C looking over the dock at the fish.

<---Me fishing.

<--- My bobber.

<---My first fish! :)

<---My second fish. It's way big hu? :)

<---Ana's, C's and my feet in flipflops. :)

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Katya said...

What a fun fishing afternoon! I loved seeing the pictures. Good job on catching those fish!