Thursday, April 16, 2009

Resurrection Sunday Skirt

Here is the pattern that I used. I followed it almost exactly the same except when I did the waist. For the waist I just folded over about an inch (but I found that it was too much so I would suggest, depending upon what you use for a drawstring, to make it about 1/2 an inch instead) and sewed the bottom of it, and then for the hem I did a rolled hem. And also for the drawstring waist I sewed my ribbon in place on the opposite side of the bow so that my ribbon wouldn't pull out. I also used a very full slip underneath to help it stay a bit more "poofy". I just used an old slip that I had made for some longer skirts that I made a while ago. It had about 4 yards of fabric for it and then I just cut it about an inch shorter than my skirt. I thought it worked swell. Hopefully I haven't completely confused you all. Mmmkay?


Melanie said...

VERY cute! Good job, Leah! :-)

Anderson family said...

Cool! That's a beautiful skirt!!:)

Shelly said...

This is such a great pattern. I have two skirts with the same basic pattern and they are my favorites all summer. You have quite a skill Leah!

Rosebud said...

It's pretty fabric!

SisterlyLove said...

Ooh! I love that fabric! So pretty. Is the yellow ribbon the drawstring?

I need to make myself some new skirts!


Tricia said...

Thats a cute skirt!! We should use that pattern some time.

emma and kaydee

Leah said...

Yes, the yellow ribbon is the draw string. :)