Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lookey what I found!

Looking through my folders I found some pictures that I should have posted a good while ago. She is one of my BEST friends! ;)

You can find her over HERE.

She has the most GORGEOUS brown eyes I've ever seen. :)

I LOVE HER HAIR! :) Her curls are 100% natural. I'm almost jealous. ;)
Don't mind our weird poses. We were... okay...I was... pretty hyper after having who-knows-how-many cups of punch. But I did not have nearly as much as J did. :P


Cloe said...

You had to do that! You look nice but I look strange.

Leah said...

You do not! :)

Paula said...

Dear Leah,
What sweet pictures of two very lovely young ladies making happy memories!!!

Love, Paula

P.S. I love the hens and chicks!

Tricia said...

Thats fun!! Our cousin Stephanie is our best friend and she is going to start a blog too. We are so excited to post about her on our blog!!

Emma and Kaydee