Monday, February 4, 2008

Ode to a Snowflake

Ode to a Snowflake

William Tozzi

You dance just like a ballerina
in the air, so cold.
At times, you're very shy and timid,
at other times, you're bold.

Dressed up in your crystal costume,
molded in symmetry.
Your design is like no other.
Unique, I must agree.

You play your part so gracefully
without making a sound,
whether you are pirouetting
or blanketing the ground.

You act so very innocent
when you're a solo flake.
Combined with others of your ilk,
all the rules, you break.

At springs first hint, you shed your mask
and end the masquerade.
You quickly run off and forsake
the wonder that you made.

Next winter, you'll appear again,
your charm will mesmerize.
And you'll make me forget that you're
a rain drop in disguise.

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Katya said...

A lovely post! I love the photographs of the snow crystals.