Monday, December 7, 2009

"It's A Wonderful Life" :D

The Gang. :D

George and Me

Seniors! :D

One of my daughters. :D

Set designer lady. She's AMAZING!

My dressing buddies. :D

Pictures the elementary drew after watching it. :D

Uncle Billy and Me

Aunt Tilly and Me


Melanie said...

Oh Leah!!! You look awesome!

I like the picture of George and you; you look like you stepped out of World War II! :-)

Videos??? :-D

Rosebud said...

Cool!! :D

Bethany A. said...

Luv the pics!!! yeah, where are the videos???:D

Nikki said...

I love the pictures that the children drew. One said you were their favorite character! How sweet!

Nadia said...

(Pardon while I roll around, holding my sides and laughing, laughing, laughing . . .)
Those drawings from the elementary school kids ~ little inspired Michelangelos, all of them!
Especially the 'kiss her already!' sketch ;-)
I watched the little blooper movie ~ you handled it so well, you must be the 'swooning type' ;-) LOL
Wish I could have seen you 'live' ~
maybe next time ;-)
Grace and peace to all the Siefkes!!

Leah said...

Nadia! It's so good to hear from you! :) I wish you could have seen it too. :D Love you!