Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I see Him in everything!

Good morning dear ones, I hope you are all doing well. I know, another day of writing... it appears to go in cycles I think. :) I want to start off by saying thank you very much to the ones that commented on the post right before this one. Those sweet words of encouragement really meant much more than you know. As I finished writing it on Monday I hesitated before I pushed that bright orange publication button, I was worried that it would be boring to you. I didn't think anybody would really want to know what my day was like and so I almost didn't post it. But God had me push that button and I shared with you all what my day was like, and you in turn blessed me with comments so sweet they made my day even brighter. :) So thank you!

That said, today's post will somewhat be along the same lines as yesterday. But unlike yesterday where I unfortunately focused far to much on what I did, I want to focus today on what He did. It truly is MUCH more amazing.

Yesterday was by far one of the busiest days I have ever had in my whole life. Busy in the sense of being gone from my home for most of the day. My day consisted of getting in the car at 8:30am driving 2 hours for a doctors appointment, driving back returning home at about 1:50pm. I then went to work at 2:30 until 8:15pm which included our 3 hour full staff training. I then stopped at home for a max of about 5 minutes and then went to play practice at the public school until 10pm. Fphew. I think I figured out that I was home for a grand total of... drum roll please.... a little over half an hour for the WHOLE DAY! That's CRAZY! But, like I said at the beginning of this post, I will be attempting to focus on what He did and not what I did. :)

God showed Himself to me yesterday when He helped me get a GREAT nights rest the night before. He showed Himself to me when He helped me get my school done in the car on the way to the doctor. He showed Himself to me when He allowed doctor to help me and get me some things to get my body back into its natural rhythm again, which in turn will help me to have energy!! YEAH! Or as the doctor said "I'm giving you a bottle of life." That being said, I had a bit of energy to help with all the running that day. He showed Himself to me when He displayed His awesomeness in the landscaping as we were driving. He showed Himself to me when we got home and I walked down the hallway to my room and I found that my bed was made, and then after further inspection that my whole room was clean! Needless to say I almost dropped my bags. My mom cleaned my room for me! Now you might say, "Wow you must be really bad at cleaning your room... I mean your mom cleaned your room for you!" And I think I'd have to say yes to that. No, I am not good at cleaning my room. I had been slowly cleaning it for about the past week and I just hadn't the time. If you could have just felt what I felt when I walked into that gloriously clean room I think you would understand! She then showed me how she had sorted my clothes. Not even kidding. She showed me how the "Shirts with words and writings go in the tub in your closet, the rest of your closet is sorted by softball jerseys, nightgowns, skirts, dresses and jumpers... you then you have your work shirts and then your short sleeve shirts (and I'm not even kidding here, they were sorted by color!!!!) , long sleeve shirts, plaids, patterns, sweaters.. etc. Now in your dresser we have.." and she continued to show them to me. I just stood there absolutely speechless!! She had done all of this for me! She even had my socks separated by color! What would I do without my mother?! God is soo good to me to give me such a loving mother that knows that it bothers me that my room isn't clean but I don't have the time to clean it. So in her love... she cleans it for me!! I love you Mommy!!

He showed Himself to me when I went to work and did the normal teller job until our closing time at 5. He showed Himself to me on a little 5 minute break that I had when I checked my blog and that is when, dear friends, I saw your comments!! It made me soo happy!! I returned to work knowing that God is still working in me!! Yippee! He showed Himself to me when He helped me stay awake and to actually understand what the training was about. :P He showed Himself to me when I arrived home for a wonderful 5 minute stop. He showed Himself to me at play practice when He helped me to be calm and to remember all of my lines! Also by giving me the best director in the world!! She is so sweet! She is so willing to work with us over and over and over again until we get it! He also showed Himself to me by placing the right guy for me to act with, one who understands why I can't always do the things that they ask me to do (i.e. kissing) and he is so willing to work around it. Plus the director understands and she works with us so that we will be more comfortable in our scenes. Definitely GOD working!!!
He showed Himself to me in SO many other ways that day that I didn't write down for you. He is such an AMAZING GOD!! I am absolutely THRILLED to be called His child. Aren't you?!


Anonymous said...

Great post! God is very good, and I am very glad to be his child. I am new to your blog and just started following, your blog is great!


Melanie said...

Oh, Leah, that is so exciting! Isn't God good?!?! We serve such a WONDERFUL God!!
And it sounds like you have a wonderful mom too! What she did was so sweet!
I love you!!

Bethany A. said...

Wonderful post Leah!! It was so encouraging! God is sooo good!:)


Nikki said...

I really like how you pointed out all the ways that God was in your life yesterday. And I love how you described your mom. :)
Praise God!

Tricia said...

Cool!! Thanks for the lovely comments!
Kaydee +Emma