Thursday, August 30, 2007

They're Here!!!

This morning my dog finally had her puppies!! 3 to be exact! Wahooo!! We are all very excited for her. Praise the Lord they all came out quickly and smoothly and that they are all in good health and that Kida (The i makes a long e sound) is healthy. God is so good do give us these puppies. It's amazing how God made the puppies in Kida's tummy and how he made it so she knew exactly what to do when they were ready to come out. Her motherly instincts kicked in right away and she was licking and getting the stuff off of them so they could breathe. It was absolutely beautiful!

The 1st baby came at 9:27 and she weighed 5.5 oz. (Chocolate)

The 2nd baby came at 9:53 and he weighed 3.5 oz. (Wilbur)

The 3rd baby came at 10:27 and she weighed 5 oz (Vanilla)

Sorry about the redness of the pictures. We had the heating lamp on and so it turned everything red.

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