Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Dignity of Mothers

"MOTHER!" The name which is associated in every virtuous mind with all that is amiable and delightful. "Mother!" Most tender, endearing, and expressive of all human appellations! A title employed equally by the royal prince, the sage philosopher, and the untutored peasant, by the savage and the civilized in all nations, and through all generations. A relation mercifully founded in the constitution of our nature- universally felt, and uniformly acknowledged. And who among all the children of men, except those who in early infancy were bereaved of their anxious parents, has not happily experienced the inexpressible influence of its charming and delightful power; who, of all the great and the mighty upon the earth, does not recognize the unnumbered blessings which he has enjoyed through his endeared relation?

His own infinite wisdom and boundless goodness prompted the Almighty Creator to ordain this beneficent relation, with all its sweet attractions and happy endearments. Must he not, therefore, have made it honorable, noble, and dignified? And ought its elevation and importance to be forgotten and neglected? Surely it demands our most intelligent consideration and devout acknowledgment. But what mind has ever possessed a capacity enlarged and matured to comprehend fully the true dignity of a Mother?

-Mothers of the Wise and Good, Jabez Burns, pg. 162-

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