Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Under the Willows

     Between willow-fringed banks of softest green, and under the bluest of summer skies, the little river took its lazy Southern way.  Tall blue lobelias and golden flags played hide-and-seek in the reflections of the gentle stream, and an occasional spray of goldenrod, advance-guard of the autumn, stood apart, a silent warning to the summer idlers.
     Somewhere overhead a vireo, dainty poet of bird-land, proclaimed his love to the wide world; while below, another child of nature, no less impassioned, no less aching to give vent to the joy that was bursting his being, sat silent in a canoe that swung softly with the pulsing of the stream.
     For Sandy had followed the highroad that led straight into the Land of Enchantment.  No more wanderings by intricate byways up golden hills to golden castles;  the Love Road had led him at last to the real world of King Arthur days-- the world that was lighted by a strange and wondrous light of romance, wherein he dwelt, a knight, waiting and longing to prove his valor in the eyes of his lady fair.
     Burning deeds of prowess rioted in his brain.  Oh for dungeons and towers and forbidding battlements!  Any danger was welcome from which he might rescue her.  Fire, flood, or bandits-- he would brave them all.  Meanwhile he sat in the prow of the boat, his hands clasped about his knees, utterly powerless to break the spell of awkward silence that seemed to posses him. 

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