Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bible Reading

I recently came across some very good blog posts about creating and nurturing your Bible reading time. I have really been struggling with this for a while now and I've been praying that God would open my eyes and show me how to understand and treasure His Word. These posts do just that for me. I pray that they would do the same for you...

I can relate to this post because we do the same thing at home. We pray at the beginning of every meal and we end the meal with the reading of the Word.

I thought this one was so good because it is an excellent example of what the Spirit can do in your heart through the Word. 

Ah, another from Ann. Reading the posts above brought some thoughts into my mind and Ann pretty much sorted through them and brought reasoning to it all. So nurturing!

Reading, as it were, puts the solid food into our mouths, meditation chews it and breaks it down, prayer obtains the flavor of it and contemplation is the very sweetness which makes us glad and refreshes us.” ~Guigo

This is excellent! This gives a couple helpful steps on how to learn Scripture, rereading it over and over and over until it is a part of you...

I pray that the Lord would use these in your lives as He has in mine. So often we become sidetracked with the daily duties in life that we don't read what is truly important. We put aside what will give us strength and hope and what will get us through the tough days and we do what "has" to be done.  But, what really needs to be done is for us to take time in the Scriptures. Time to calm our hearts before plunging into the day.  Time to become closer to the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.
Time with our Heavenly Father.
Pray that the Lord would create a desire for His Word in your heart and listen to the Holy Spirit's answer.

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