Monday, February 22, 2010

Favorite Song

Love Never Fails- Brandon Heath

Love is not proud
Love does not boast
Love after all
Matters the most

Love does not run
Love does not hide
Love does not keep
Locked inside

Love is the river that flows through
Love never fails you

Love will sustain
Love will provide
Love will not cease
At the end of time

Love will protect
Love always hopes
Love still believes
When you don’t

Love is the arms that are holding you
Love never fails you

When my heart won’t make a sound
When I can’t turn back around
When the sky is falling down
Nothing is greater than this
Greater than this

Love is right here
Love is alive
Love is the way
The truth the life

Love is the river than flows through
Love is the arms that are holding you
Love is the place you will fly to
Love never fails you


SisterlyLove said...

Oh hahaha! I meant the Favorite Blog Award! It's the one with the funny flower on it. haha! though, i DO think that the golden arrow award should be a blog award... ;) i'm awfully OCD about that Robin Hood show by BBC, right now! I'm awful about it! but luckily my sisters are in the same boat, so i'm not alone. :) Earwen (the girl who awarded me), sorta awarded me, in her own words, with a golden arrow and i was so giddy about it, that i HAD to find a picture of a golden arrow!
You SHOULD see, Robin Hood! it's wonderful! I'm absolutely sure you would fall inlove with Will Scarlett.. *sigh* he's a dream! haha!! ok.. i'm stopping before i embarrass myself further! whew! haha! ;D

Jason A. Hunsicker said...

Wow...I don't think I know this song...but the words are beautiful!

Bethany A. said...

Wow! Those words are amazing!!

bug said...

That's one of my favorite songs too! It's so favorite line is "Love is the arms that are holding you..."