Thursday, October 29, 2009

Senior Pictures

Don't forget to stop the music on the side so you can hear the music on here. :)

The song that is playing is "While the Trees Sleep" By David Nevue


Fred and Leon said...

You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Great job, Ana!

I haven't taken any of my senior pics yet, but should probably start thinking about that! :)



Nikki said...

So like you to make a movie of your photographs. You're so talented! : )

SisterlyLove said...

You are so pretty! :) Lovely job on the pictures. I especially like the ones where you are laying on the grass with your feet up behind you. Oh yes, and the one that you have the leaf in your mouth. :) What is the song that's playing? I LOVE it. It's so beautiful.


Melanie said...

Hi Leah!! :-D
I've decided which ones I want. :-) At least the ones you can pick from to send me...
The first one (at 00:06)
The fifth one (at 00:21) OR the ninth one (00:35)

There was also a "lying-in-the-leaves" picture on Facebook, I think, that wasn't on your slideshow, and I really liked that one too...

They're all lovely! You're such a beautiful girl, Leah! Love you!!


Leah said...

Thank you all!!:)

The one that I had on FB where I was upside down is on here I just turned it right side up. :) It's at (00:39). Love you all!!!


Bethany A. said...

I love all the pics Leah!! I love the song on your slideshow too...the whole thing was beautiful, pictures and all!!;)