Monday, October 5, 2009

Do YOU bloom Vikings colors?

I sure do!! It's a pretty safe bet that tonight I will be sitting watching the Vikings vs. Packers game!! GO VIKINGS!!!!!

And yes, Beni, I'll even be cheering for Favre. =)

(p.s. This is one of my pictures... but due to the lack of photoshop... there is no name on the bottom of it. sigh. )


Bethany A. said...

I love the picture! I was JUST taking a picture of that kind of purple flower this afternoon!!:D


Nikki said...

What happened to your Photoshop? (I've been meaning to ask you.)

There was an article in our school newspaper back when I was in High School, and the title was "Do you bleed in purple and gold?" I always thought that was a clever title; reminded me of yours. :)