Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm a Jelly Bean!

You Are a Pineapple Jelly Bean

Easy going and undemanding, you have good taste but aren't a show off about it.


Robert said...

I'm a root beer flavour.It's says
"You are truly All American and down to earth. You don't have fancy tastes, and you don't apologize for who you are. You enjoy tradition and proven quality."

When I went to post my comment the other day on your fishing post a problem came up so it might not of gone through.

That was the book I was asking about.Thanks.I noticed online that they have versions of the Elise books with a modern looking female on the cover.Reminds me of what they did with the Little House books a few years ago.

That was a good haul of fish! Did you keep them all?

Katya said...

Here's me:

You Are a Green Apple Jelly Bean

Of all the flavors, you're the most complex and the most real. A little sweet, a little sour, and totally tangy. People can't describe you, but they love you!


Leah said...

Root Beer hu? Funny! O yea. I didn't get any comment from you on the fish post. Sorry! :)

I do have the Elsie Dinsmore series with the Modern picture on the front. I really like them! I've read the whole series!

No I didn't keep the fish. I just like to go and catch them and then release them.

haha nice! Did Caleb do it?

Tiffany said...

Thats so fun Im going to go try it right now! :)

Katya said...

No, but I should have him try!