Monday, January 21, 2008


This weekend (Thurs.- Sun.) my sister and I went up to a dear friends house. It was such a cozy relaxing time. We got to sleep by her fire at night! Cozy! :) I love the fire! We got to watch several girly movies(Persuasion-'97 & '07, Jane Eyre, etc.) staying up very late watching them. :) It was so very cold outside so the fire was a wonderful addition. We got to eat s'mores on Saturday night by her fire! :) It was great! It was like in the negatives and we were eating s'mores! I love it! It was so fun to spend time with her and her children. Thanks P! :)

<--R eating his s'more

<--- mhmm... me roasting my marshmallow. If you can see we had to use an oven mitt so we could roast our marshmallows because it was sooo hott!!

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