Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In the Kitchen

 Fresh fruit pies were a must today. Peach and Apple.
Tomorrow is dad's birthday.

Apparently I cannot make anything in our kitchen without having:  1) music and 2) my camera.

For more pictures, go here: Fresh Peach Pie

Music? A new little gem I found.
Seriously. This is the most amazing album. Ever.

I'm almost certain I could hear the needle scratching against the vinyl record as it played through the record player.

I could almost hear scattered voices as I sat upon the french rooftop sipping my latte while I watched the people walk by.

I could almost smell the cigar smoke of the jazz parlor deep in a downtown Paris basement

I could almost feel the breeze and the smell of fresh fruit as I walked down the lane to the market place.

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Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

 Golden Peach Pie

bon appétit

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Jodi said...

This made me smile,music and a camera are my makey companions as well.