Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello All, it's been a spell since I posted last.  So, I'll post a couple highlights from lately.  :)

First of all I finished the Voice of the Martyr's Extreme Devotion.  VERY good book!  Now I'm onto  My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

Second, I started reading Leave it to Psmith by Wodehouse.  Phenomenal! :)

A small maid-of-all-work appeared in answer to the bell, and stood transfixed as the visitor, producing a monocle, placed it in his right eye and inspected her through it.
'A warm afternoon,' he said cordially.
'Yes, sir.'
'But pleasant,' urged the young man. 'Tell me, is Mrs Jackson at home?'
'No, sir.'
'Not at home?'
'No, sir.'
The young man sighed.
'Ah well,' he said, 'we must always remember that these disappointments are sent to us for some good purpose.  No doubt they make us more spiritual.  Will you inform her that I called?  The name is Psmith. P-smith.'
'Peasmith, sir?'
'No, no.  P-s-m-i-t-h.  I should explain to you that I started life without the initial letter, and my father always clung ruggedly to the plain Smith.  But it seemed to me that there were so many Smiths in the world that a little variety might well be introduced.  Smythe I look on as a cowardly evasion nor do I approve of the too prevalent custom of tacking another name on in front by means of a hyphen.  So I decided to adopt the Psmith.  The p, I should add for your guidance is silent, as in phthisis, psychic, and ptarmigan. You follow me?'
'Y-yes, sir.'
'You don't think,' he said anxiously, 'that I did wrong in pursuing this course?'
'N-no, sir.'
'Splendid!' said the young man, flicking a speck of dust from his coat-sleeve.  'Splendid! Splendid!'
And with a courteous bow he descended the steps and made his way down the street.  The little maid, having followed him with bulging eyes till he was out of sight, closed the door and returned to her kitchen.

Alright, moving on.  At the beginning of this year some of our very dear friends bought a house just down the street from us in town.  :) You can read about it here at Katie's blog... or here at Olivia's.  We have been helping prepare the home when we can.  It's so very exciting to have them just a couple minutes way! :)

Next, I got a hair cut! :) Much shorter, perhaps, then would have liked. But, it will grow...eventually. :)

 Next, we have had a TON of snow.  Probably quite literally.  :)

We had a hawk in our backyard just a little while ago.

And, I finished a dress I was working on.  This is just some left over material that I needed to get rid of so I used it up on a "test" dress.  :) I can't wait to get the real material! :)

Simplicity Pattern: 2917

That's what's up for me lately.  How about you??

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Nikki said...

Thanks for this update! I liked how you included so many different topics. I will have to read some of your book suggestions.

Oh, and as for me? I'm sitting here freezin'!! -8°! ;-)