Friday, July 30, 2010

Favorite Devotionals...

Come Forth as Gold #30

1 John 3:2-3

...The picture of the Refiner is stright from Eastern life.  The Eastern goldsmith sits on the floor by his crucible.  For me, at least, it is not hard to know why the heavely Refiner has to sit so long.  The heart knows it's own dross.
"How do you know how long to sit and wait? How do you know when it is purified?" we asked our village goldsmith.
"When I can see my face in it," he replied.
Blessed be the love that never wearies, never gives up hope that, even in such poor metal our Father may at last see the reflection of His face.

My Father, if you are working into me some traits I would not have chosen to work on myself (for example, patience!), then I ask for your grace to carry me through.
"Purify" me of everything but perfect acceptance in you.....

Day 207

Romania: Milan Haimovici

The cold, dark prison cell was crowded with Romanian Christians who were determined to bring the light of Jesus into the darkness.  One of these prisoners was a Jewish believer names Milan Haimovici.
One day, Milan began a discussion with another cell mate who was a great scientist but a godless man.  Milan was not of the same intellectual and cultural level as this professor, but he told him about Jesus.  The professor scorned him, "You are such a liar.  Jesus lived two thousand years ago.  How can you say that you walk and talk with him?"
Milan replied, "It is true that he died two thousand years ago, but he is also resurrected and is living even now."
Then the professor challenged Milan, "Well, you say that he talks with you.  What is the expression on his face?"
Milan answereed." Sometimes he smiles at me."
"Such a lie," the professor laughed. "Show me how he smiles." Milan graciously conceded.  he was horn and only skin and bones, with dark circles around his eyes.  Hews missing teeth and was wearing prisoner's uniform, but such a eautiful smile appeared on his lips.  his dirty face shone.  There was so much peace, so much contentmetn, and so much joy on his face.
The godless professor bowed his head and admitted, "Sir, you have seen Jesus."

Learning How to Breath...

The Will of God is Good...

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