Friday, May 28, 2010

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Hello all you faithful followers.  :) I apologize for the long-time-no-post.  I just wanted to give you all a REALLY quick update on my life at the moment.

As of 8:51am today I am a graduate!!!!!!!!!!! =) BOOYA!   But, I won't actually feel like I'm graduated until July.  Dumb. 

As for softball, we won our first playoff game so we are now going to regionals! This is huge folks. Like Elephant huge. Like skyscraper huge.  Like... well you get the idear.  As far as I can remember we have never won our first playoff game and made it this far.  God is sooo good!! We were actually ranked 3 in our conference of about 10 or so teams. That, good people, is also huge!!! Huge-er if it was an actually word.  We move on to the place where I have ALWAYS dreamed of playing softball.  The Softball-metropolis of.. well according to their website... the United States. I, personally, think they're probably a tad bit bias.  Don't cha think?   That takes place on Saturday at 11am to be exact.  I am completely PUMPED!!! If we lose our first game we are done. But, if we win we play again at 3pm and then we are in the double-elimination round.  Those of you who aren't very familiar with softball ... that is a GOOD thing.  :) That means we have to lose 2 games instead of 1 to be sent home.  A very good thing.  :)

As for things that are going on around the house, all is well.  I have a beautiful garden which consists of Potatoes, Carrots, Mammoth Sunflowers, Metallic Corn, and Rainbow Peppers.  A thing of beautiful if you as me.  :)  Mama's garden is a complete haven!  It's just bursting with all different kinds of flowers and colors! I wish you could all see it in person.   The weather has been a bit on the warm-ish side here.  But at least it's not FREEZING!  :D

God continues to show me the blessings that He has given to me each and every day.(Ephesians 1:3)  It's dazzling.  What a GREAT and AWESOME God we serve!!  Lord willing I will be able to post another update soon (with pictures!).   Thank you all for me so patient.  :)


Hannah Elisabeth said...

Congrats on graduating, and congrats on softball!!! :D :D :D

ASTRA REED said...

Well, congrates dear u are graduate now... and such a nice story which u shared especially i like your wonderful pictures which you have posted...