Friday, July 3, 2009

You wish you could throw like a girl!

Last weekend we had one of town tourneys that we play in and we got 2nd place!! It was a Sat. & Sun. sort of thing. If you win x-number of games on Saturday then you get to play on Sunday. Well, we won our last game on Sat. and so we got to play on Sun. We started off in 7th place Sunday morning and went home with a silver medal! How cool is that!

Just one of our faithful fans.

This is a picture of us playing from way up on a hill, I'm playing second.

All pictures courtesy of Ana


Nikki said...

EXCELLENT!! I was so thrilled for you, Leah. How exciting! Are you done for the season, then?

SJ said...

Congratulations! That's impressive. :)

Leah said...

No, we aren't done quite yet. We have a game on Tuesday and then we have the State tourney next weekend and then we will be done.

Tricia said...

emma and kaydee

Melanie said...

Let's go Leah! Let's go Leah! Let's go Leah!!

Cheering for you from Northeast Ohio!

Anderson family said...

Cool!! I love all the pics!


Rosebud said...