Monday, March 31, 2008

<~ This is what I wore to my piano contest.
My mom and I made the skirt out of a pair of old blue jean pants. You can find the pattern for the skirt here.

This is what I wore to the Honors Recital. ~>


Steve n Vickie said...

Nice boots. My brother would laugh at me and say I was a wanna be(that's what we used to call city people dressed as cowboys). Steve on the otherhand would be thrilled.
I'm ok, though I have grass roots. Afterall I was born in Wyoming. I do like your boots though. Must me my wanna be cowboy is growing on me :D

nsowers said...

Hi L! I just wanted to say congratulations again on your win! God was glorified through your exemplary playing and above all your attitude of gratitude towards Him. :) How wonderful to be able to use a gift He has given you to His glory.

Oh, and I really like BOTH of your outfits. You always have such cute skirts!! Love in Christ, Nikki

Leah said...

Thanks! :)
I am very pleased to know that God was glorified in the way that I played and that I wasn't the center of attention.

I'm glad that you like my skirts. I always love yours!