Saturday, December 1, 2007

Experiencing God's Peace

It's plain to see that you and I need to remember something the disciples didn't: Our days are in God's hands. Our God is all-sufficient to meet our needs , and the Saviour is with us every step of the way. And just as the disciples could have rested if they had trusted, we can experience the peace of God when we offer the sacrifice of trust. Panic is needless, wasted energy, and stewing, fretting, and worrying signal a failure to trust our faithful Father. But when we choose to trust God, we can have the same peace in God that Christ had in the storm at sea and in many other scenes from His life. Our Jesus, even when He was threatened with death, confronted by enemies, and walking to the cross, rested in God and always acknowledged that His times were in God's hands and that His all-sufficient Father would meet His every need.

-Elizabeth George, A Woman's Walk With God, pg. 67

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